Our search for the Spanish Alano begins in the early 90’s. In 1993 «Taranto de los Cuadrejones» comes to our home. It’s Taranto who gives his name to our kennels and makes us fall in love with the breed. A year later the emblematic «Pantera del Condado de Niebla» arrives, and bit by bit our Alanic family grows to include such magnificient specimens as «Lanza de los Cuadrejones»; «Cartuja de los Tarantos»; «Tora de la Canada del Pinillo»; etc.

The breeding we undertake at our kennels is based on a well balanced fusion of bloodlines, in which the Taranto and Carpintero genetic are especially important. Both specimens have a proven functionality that has been successfully transmitted to their offspring.

This canine couple played a decisive and incontestable role in the recovery of the breed. Years of careful team work have allowed us to enjoy today a stable population that is well established both functionally and morphologically. The first 12 Spanish Champions came from this genetic (see palmarés Alanos andpalmarés Bulldog Frances ). 3 of these SPANISH CHAMPIONS were born in «Los Tarantos», and almost all the remaining Champions are directly descended from our breeding stock. Moreover, from a functional perspective, there are dozens of hunters who admire these bloodlines and enjoy their qualities. Being a functional dog requires much more than displaying an impressive «bite» (something that similar breeds are equally capable of).

The greatness of our Alanos derives from combining a tremendous passion for hunting with a huge physical potential and, above all, with a highly self-confident, sociable and gregarious character that facilitates team work and prevents problems from occuring in the group. All of these qualities are clearly apparent in our bloodlines. It is a hallmark of our breeding philosophy that we emphasise conservatism and functionality rather than adopting a purely competitive, “evolutionist” approach that simply aims to produce specimens for dog shows.

The prototypical Alano of «Los Tarantos» – besides being a well bred and functional dog – is an animal with its own identity and an «air of antiquity». An Alano with an «air of antiquity» is one which preserves the rusticy and essence of its native ancestors
The breed has become more homogenous, but through corrections rather than refinements. The trademark qualities of a genuine Alano leave no room for doubt: a dog who conveys in his appearance and expression the strength and nobility of his breed, gained through centuries of existence.

«Taranto” is the name of an old flamenco song, popular among the miners of Andalusia. It’s also the name of our first “Spanish Alano”, and in gratitude to what this animal meant for us “Los Tarantos” is like the “denomination of origin” that our breeding received from the FCI (recognized affix number 8903).
We made our first contacts with Alano breeders at the beginning of the 90’s, and at the end of that decade we started with French Bulldogs. We are a family whose passion for nature led us renounce a confortable urban life to enjoy – with all its pros and cons – a life in the countryside. Today we pursue our hobby surrounded by olive trees, “far from the madding crowd”.

We have a passion for animals, and therefore our breeding program is based upon a profound respect and love for both of the breeds we are selecting. As the years go by, this hobby has become our main leisure activity and our specialisation. The improvement of the breed is our principal aim, yet we aim to improve not only its aesthetics and morphology, but also the character, health and functionality of the dogs, as these qualities favour both the well-being of the animals and a comfortable cohabitation with its human family.

Setting up a quality stock which satisfies us and is well valued by specialist Judges has required continuity and commitment. We have maintained this commitment, confident that work performed with love yields the best results. Our results have improved with our experience (see Alanos records and Frenchies records ) and we believe that our high success rate is due to three main factors: knowledge, a close relationship with our animals, and contacts with other breeders which enable us to incorporate successful specimens into our own breeding plan.

Our animals have everything they need for physical and psychological growth; comfortable installations that meet all legal sanitary requirements; a natural environment where the need for play can be satisfied, and a stable affective base. We guarantee a complete socialisation for the younger dogs and a comfortable old age for the oldest.

We allow them to roam freely around the farm throughout much of the day, and to take an active part in family life. Sporting activities, training and the occasional participation in shows all play an important role, and allow us to share experiences with other breeders.

We wish to thank all those breeders, past and present, who have helped to generate the genetic legacy we enjoy today and, of course, to thank families who have adopted one of our puppies, thus helping us to reach our objectives.